The importance of letting go and moving on

Letting go and moving on

The process of letting go and moving on can bring both physical and mental pain, regardless of the situation that caused it. The healing process, of course, will take time, but you will also need to believe in yourself and find the strength to follow guidance from your heart, your friends and family and a professional online tarot reading.


Relationship break-up

There is nothing worse than losing the one you love and to have your heart broken, but it is important to remember that the pain won’t last forever. Of course, everything takes time and you won’t feel completely healed for a while, but one morning you may wake up and find that all the pain has disappeared, as though a cloud has dispersed above you.

Until that moment, make sure you fill your time with the things you love doing. This could be exercising, spending time outdoors, reading or finding a completely new hobby. You may feel lost without your other half, but think of it as an opportunity to look after yourself.



Having a successful career which you love is important for many people, but when you find yourself wanting to follow a different path that could lead you to bigger and better things, then it’s your time to take a leap of faith. The letting go and moving on process in this situation can be seen as a positive move, even if you feel obliged to stay in your current position.



Throughout life people come and go, and in everyday life you will encounter individuals that will have an impact, whether positive or negative. However, when it comes to your friends the last thing you expect is to be hurt by those close to you. When this happens, you have to question whether your friendship is worth the stress and aggravation that the fall-out has caused. Letting go and moving on from toxic or unwanted people can make an unexpected improvement to your life.

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