Ways to increase your self-confidence


Self-confidence is an attribute that can come naturally to some or difficult to others. Unexpected life experiences and events can increase or decrease self-confidence over a period of time. There are many small, personal exercises and online tarot readings that you can start to incorporate into a daily or weekly routine. These will help to contribute to a brighter and happier you!


Create ‘I am great because…’ lists

One of the most powerful exercises for self-confidence is to keep reminding yourself how great you are and how much you bring, not only to your life, but to the lives of others and the wider world too. One of the easiest and most effective techniques to achieve this is to create several ‘I am great because…’ lists. On pieces of paper or post-it notes write down three or four reasons why you are truly great and stick them around your house where you are likely to see them most. Examples could be recent achievements at work, a kind gesture that you presented to a friend or stranger, or a personal achievement that not many people could admit to possessing.

You will be amazed at how often your unconscious mind looks at these places, and having something that will remind you of how great you are will change your perspective, slowly but surely.


Goal setting

Goal setting can be the basis of many self-confidence techniques. All too often people get discouraged or disheartened if something doesn’t go according to plan, or if there is too much of a time constraint. Setting realistic goals can make all the difference when increasing your self-confidence as you will be rewarded with more positives than negatives when you do so. Although you may want to complete something in a short space of time, ask yourself ‘will the outcome given the time constraint influence a positive result?’ If not, revise the time scale and watch your goals turn into reality!

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