Interpreting your dreams and their meanings

meaning of dreams

Have you been experiencing unusual or weird dreams lately and want to understand why you are having them and what they mean? Then you are in luck! Dreams are a bi-product of spiritual and every-day experiences.

Particularly if you are going through an important or challenging phase in your life, your dreams may be becoming more vivid and with deeper meaning. From the feeling of flying or floating, to loosing teeth, take a look at some of the most common dream experiences.


Dreams of falling

Ever experienced the sensation of falling from a great height or stepping off a curb in a dream? Research has found that this very common dream signifies an overwhelming time in your life which could be to do with your finances, school work or relationship struggles. Once you have a grasp of one or more of these situations and take a positive hold of them, you should experience them less frequently.


Loosing teeth

The very strange and unpleasant event of your teeth falling out in your dream indicates some sort of loss in your life, or the fear of growing old. Sometimes when people experience this dream they are in fact going through a transitional period of life where they are seeing significant change in an important change in their personal or professional lifestyle.

Being chased

Also known as the ‘fight or flight’ response, dreams of being chased represent emotional anxiety in your life and running away from your fears. Just like when you are awake, you may tend to hide away from situations out of your comfort zone and, consequently, that’s how your dreams respond to your unconscious thoughts. Try and work out what you are trying to hide and run away from when you wake with a free psychic reading, this way you can try and resolve your fear on your own terms and be rid of the reoccurring dream.

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