Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson forgives cheating Spencer

Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson forgives cheating SpencerLouise Thompson, star of reality television show Made in Chelsea, has managed to forgive her love-rat boyfriend Spencer Matthews and has told the papers that they are still officially together.

Viewers saw Spencer deny that he had cheated on Louise when her best friend Millie Mackintosh confronted him in the season finale, but he later admitted to his girlfriend that he had indeed slept with another girl on a night out.

The couple managed to come to an agreement after a make-or-break holiday on the Caribbean island of St. Barts, and now Louise says that she has given him another chance and that they are “pushing forward” with their relationship.

She has said that is not going to try to control him and that they are “being really honest” with each other from now on, but whether Spencer is happy to treat their relationship the same way is yet to be seen.

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