In a relationship? How to tell if your partner is ‘the one’

Holding hands

Defining love in a relationship can differ from person to person. But how do you know if you have found ‘the one’? The person you want to spend the rest of your life with and who you know can make you a better person for it? Here at 121 Tarot we are on hand to give you the relationship advice you need for a more certain, happier future.


Communication is key in every relationship, and without it, it can be hard to determine not only whether your partner is ‘the one’, but also how your future looks with them in it. Being able to talk to your partner on an intellectual, emotional and personal level helps contribute to a much more positive environment where you feel secure in their trust and confidentiality and plans for your future together. If you are able to say that there is already a deep importance placed on communication in your relationship, then you are already heading in the right direction.


Passion can be interpreted in many forms. Whether you are passionate about making your partner a better version of themselves with romantic gestures and positive comments, or are comfortable enough to show affection towards them in a public environment. If you find someone who shows passion towards you and makes you a happier, relaxed individual, you are well on the way to knowing if they are well on the way to becoming your life partner.

Becoming a Better version of you

If all of the most important things that make up a relationship work between you and your partner, then it is more than likely that you will become a better version of yourself. Whether it’s feeling more relaxed within yourself, happier or if you appreciate things more than you ever thought possible, all of these factors contribute to determining ‘the one’. Someone who can accept your bad habits or your insecurities for what they are and turn them into something beautiful and endearing, is someone to hold onto.

If you would like a deeper, insightful look into your current or future relationship, to see if you are or will be happy in love, now or in the future, our professional love tarot reading offers professional and helpful advice to every individual.

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