Signs that you have found your soulmate

signs you have found your soulmate

Finding your soulmate is a truly wonderful experience, just like an in-depth love tarot reading. For some this could be finding the love of their life, or for others finding a lifelong friend. The term ‘soulmate’ isn’t just subjected to a relationship, it can be a title for an individual who benefits your life for the better – a friend, sibling or acquaintance.

Signs you have met your soulmate

  1. Sense of Security: When you are in company with each other, you feel an overwhelming sense of security and calm, you are able to relax and feel at ease even if it is in a moment of silence.
  1. You have met before: When you first catch sight of your soulmate or when you hold your first conversation, there is a strong feeling that you have met before, hence your powerful, breath-taking connection. Whether this ‘meeting’ was several years ago, or you have seen them across the carpark in the supermarket last week, somewhere, somehow you have been within their spiritual space before. This is where your connection stems from.
  1. When the time is right: No matter where you find your life heading, you will always find your soulmate. Divine timing is such a wonderful thing and will lead you to what you deserve; someone who is going to complete your life and fill in the missing in the puzzle piece to make you truly happy.
  1. Nonverbal communication: Just by looking or sitting next to your soulmate will enable you to hone in on their feelings and thoughts. Because you have such a deep spiritual and mutual understanding for one another, you will be able to sense stress, sadness and other emotions just by being in their space.
  1. You trust each other: Whether it’s your best friend keeping a secret, or your other half going away on a trip with their friends, you will always trust each other. You have complete faith in them that they wouldn’t hurt you or be disrespectful towards you or your life enhancing relationship. They feel exactly the same for you.
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