The Moon Tarot Card: Fear, Illusion, and the Path to Higher Consciousness

The Mysteries of the Moon Tarot Card Unveiled

Unravel the secrets of the tarot with us as we embark on a journey through the night, under the shimmering radiance of The Moon Tarot card. The Moon, or XVIII in Roman numerals, is the eighteenth Major Arcana card in most traditional tarot decks. This enigmatic card is shrouded in mystery and is often associated with the subconscious, intuition, fears, and illusions.

The Moon Tarot Card from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
The Moon Tarot Card from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Symbolism and Imagery of The Moon Tarot

The Moon Tarot card is rich in symbolism, each element holding a profound meaning. It depicts a night scene with two large pillars and a full moon suspended between them. A wolf and a domesticated dog howl at the Moon while a crayfish emerges from the water. The Moon has “sixteen chief and sixteen secondary rays” and “[is] shedding the moisture of fertilizing dew in great drops” (totaling 15 in the Rider–Waite deck), which are all Yodh-shaped.

The moon is a symbol of intuition, dreams, and the unconscious. Its light is dim compared to the sun, and only slightly illuminates the path to higher consciousness winding between the two towers. The pool represents the subconscious mind, and the small crayfish symbolises the early stages of consciousness unfolding. The dog and the wolf represent both the tamed and the wild aspects of our minds.

Interpreting The Moon Tarot Card: Upright and Reversed

The Moon Upright

When drawn upright, The Moon Tarot often signifies a time of uncertainty, illusion, and heightened intuition. It can represent fears and illusions that are typically based on past experiences and can influence your present and future. For example, if you’ve had a traumatic experience in the past that you haven’t fully dealt with, you might find yourself under the influence of those suppressed emotions, either consciously or subconsciously.

The Moon card encourages you to connect with your subconscious mind and release any fears or anxieties holding you back. It’s a time to rely heavily on your intuition to guide you through the darkness and help you see beyond what is immediately visible. The Moon Tarot also suggests that you pay close attention to the lunar cycles and harness its divine power using ritual, visualisation or Tarot readings. It’s a time to connect with the divine feminine, uncover deep intuitive insights, and envision what lies beyond everyday life.

Original card from the tarot deck of Jean Dodal of Lyon, a classic "Tarot of Marseilles" deck. The deck dates from 1701–1715.
Original card from the tarot deck of Jean Dodal of Lyon, a classic “Tarot of Marseilles” deck. The deck dates from 1701–1715.

The Moon Reversed

In a reversed position, The Moon suggests that you have been dealing with illusion, fears, and anxiety, and are now beginning to see these negative influences subside. This position often represents a liberating and transformative experience where you’re working through your fears and understanding their impact on your life.

However, The Moon reversed can also indicate a struggle to face and deal with these emotions, leading to a tendency to bury them deeper within your subconscious and pretend that nothing is wrong. It may also suggest confusion with interpreting intuitive messages and psychic downloads. In such cases, trust your inner voice and keep a record of these messages for later interpretation when you have more clarity.

The Moon Tarot Card and Divination

In terms of divination, The Moon card carries several associations. Upright, it signifies hidden enemies, danger, calumny, darkness, terror, deception, occult forces, and error. When reversed, it represents instability, inconstancy, silence, and lesser degrees of deception and error.

Final Thoughts

The Moon Tarot card is complex and multi-dimensional, reflecting the labyrinth of the human psyche. It can illuminate our hidden fears, and can also lead us to the path of self-discovery and higher consciousness. Whether it appears upright or reversed in your readings, The Moon always prompts introspection and calls for a deeper understanding of oneself. As with all tarot cards, the interpretation of The Moon can vary greatly depending on the context of the reading and the intuition of the reader.

Next step

As we conclude our exploration of The Moon Tarot card, remember that understanding its full depth and navigating its mysteries can be a powerful tool in your journey of self-discovery. However, interpreting tarot cards can be complex and requires experience.

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