It’s a twin thing: Understanding the connection between twins

twin connection

Understanding the connection between twins is often something that people question – do they have the same thoughts? Can they tell when the other is in danger or need help? Most importantly, do they have psychic tendencies?

There have been many cases when sets of twins have come forward to express their miracle psychic experiences over the years, but how do these individuals, two separate people, communicate such intense feelings, thoughts and emotions? Here we answer these questions to understand the connection between twins.


The science

King’s College London have been studying the genetics of identical and non-identical twins for many years to estimate the importance of environmental and genetic influences of diabetes, asthma and other common diseases. Of course, there have been many studies and research projects targeted at understanding he psychological similarities and differences between twin sets and the behavioural tendencies associated with the stereotype.

Genes play a vital role in this and modern studies have concluded that most of the common traits found between twins are influenced by genetics. The differentiating opinions between scientific research and the study of telepathy have been the ‘hump in the road’ when it comes to understanding the science of twins, as scientists who also have interests in the psychic world are often described as not being true to their profession. New Dawn Magazine explains how the 2000 Nobel prize-winner Brian Josephson “attracted a storm of protest from his fellow scientists when he declared that there might be a connection between quantum theory and telepathy.” However, if one intelligent scientist can claim that there is a possible link between the two, then what’s not to investigate?

As New Dawn Magazine continues: “Researchers at the University of Indiana have studied thousands of twins and have noticed that the later they divided, the closer they become after birth. So it seems that this is the group most likely to experience telepathy.”


Psychic twins

Terry and Linda Jamison

Image Credit: Linda and Terry Jamison (Wikimedia Commons)

There have been cases in the news where twin siblings have saved one or the other from a life-threatening situation or have predicted world changing events such as the psychic twins who claim they predicted the 9/11 terror attacks, Terry and Linda Jamison.

Speaking to the Mirror, the twins also show the psychic ability that they have used since the age of 20. ‘Automatic writing’ has been labelled by the twins as the connection between the spirits whilst writing their messages automatically down on paper and in turn predicting future events. Offering free psychic readings and predictions at the beginning of each year, the pair time stamp their work to make sure that their work is legitimate.

They have even claimed to have spoken to the spirits of Michael Jackson and Princess Diana, with Diana said to have “chosen her destiny” and “was thrilled with Prince George and Princess Charlotte being born”.


Psychic Connections associated with twins

Dream catcher

Psychic tendencies often associated with twins are mediumship and clairvoyance, with many pairs experiencing strong messages being communicated between a certain spirit and themselves.

Mediumship encompasses all of what will align your future path and psychic twins often find themselves in a position where what is currently happening in the present has been seen before in their minds. Clairvoyance is where the spirit of a deceased individual communicates with the pair, this could be someone who was once very close to the pair and had an emotional impact on their lives, or someone of a higher status such as a celebrity.

These forms of psychic communication have been used for decades by individual people who have proved themselves as the most successful psychics of their time. If one person can make such a considerable impact on the prospective future for other people, think about what two of the same messages combined can reveal through the knowledge and power twin connectivity!

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