What is a psychic?

what is a psychic

What is a psychic? Many people ask the question but don’t necessarily know the answer and this can cause confusion when noting the differences between mediumship, clairvoyance and tarot readings. Here we have created a definitive guide to what a psychic does and who they are, as well as factors worth noting when having one of many psychic phone readings in the future.


What is a psychic?

Many individuals will recognise psychic abilities as Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) or the ‘sixth sense’ which is correct, but of course there is a deeper meaning to psychic abilities and who and what a psychic is.

A psychic reader is just like any other person and they lead normal lives just like the rest of us. However, where one individual may have a natural skill for a sport or has a particularly keen eye for numbers, psychics have the natural ability to point the individual in a positive direction influenced by wisdom and clarity. They are able to separate your negative feelings towards a situation and look at the light beneath so you can make a clear, conscious judgement and move forward after the reading.

Karen Page, author of the My Life Across the table: Stories from a Psychic’s Life and who also contributes to Llewellyn describes her psychic abilities as like ‘stepping into a person’s life for the duration of their reading.’ Karen continues: It is as though I am standing next to them, “seeing” the people or circumstances both as they currently are as well as upcoming in their life. I feel what they feel.”

“Though I have given thousands of readings over the years, I am still amazed every day of my life that the information comes to me with such exceptional clarity, and that my readings are filled with defining, personal details connected to existing or upcoming situations, events, or people for the client.”


Psychic Ability

Psychic ability combines translating mind-to-mind communication, also known as telepathy, and distinguishing and understanding information that is relevant to the reading in hand. Most psychics are born with the ability to filter irrelevant messages between them and their client, whether it be through an email, phone or face to face reading. However, some psychics have to learn, practice and concentrate carefully on the same process over time, perfecting and strengthening the skill.

Naturally, a psychic will pick up on the client’s auric field, this is defined as the life force which surrounds living things. The auric field is the primary factor which enables the psychic to draw information from the individual using the auras which influence their mood, feelings, personality and characteristics. It is important to note at this stage that a psychic will use these influencers as guidance towards their reading, rather than using them as fact to come to a definitive conclusion to your questions that you put forward to them at the start of the reading.


How can a psychic help me?

What is a psychic

Individuals can ask for the guidance of a psychic for many different things, whether good or bad. Examples include:

  • Seeing beyond grief
  • Career paths
  • Difficult relationships
  • You want to see where your future is going to take you in the next couple of years

Professional and skilled psychics will take part in readings under strict confidence and that’s what makes so popular when an individual needs a helping hand. But it is important to recognise that just because they are professional psychics, they won’t always have full control or the final say of how your future is set to look.

People who regularly attend psychic readings will tell you that you always need to keep an open mind when it comes to preparing for your psychic reading. If you were intent on finding a solution to a problem in your life and you expected it to happen in the next X number of days/weeks/months and it didn’t happen the way you expected, then you will be clearly disappointed. Remember, the future isn’t set, psychics will help guide you, but they don’t hold all the solutions to your problems!


Differentiating the psychic abilities

Do you know your mediums from your psychics and vice versa? If not, you are in luck! People are often confused to the difference between a psychic, medium, tarot and clairvoyant. Below we have outlined each and which you should go to in different circumstances.

Psychic: A psychic receives intuitive information about the individual and events in their life through vibrational dimensions transmitted from the body, their ‘aura’ as described above.

Medium: A medium will communicate directly to the spirits. If you have recently lost a loved one and would like to know if they have one last message for you before you move on from the grieving process, then requesting a medium reading is the first step.

Tarot: Using a deck of tarot cards, a tarot reader will be able to read your past and present and how this will influence your future. There are many different tarot decks and spreads that a tarot reader can use depending on the individual’s circumstance whether it be love, career or friendship.

Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance is the ability to see things that are perceived to be ‘hidden’ and cannot be seen by others. For example, people will go to a clairvoyant in search for a missing relative or have lost something that holds something of deep personal value to them.

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