How to deal with stress, spiritually.



Stress is a part of nearly every individual’s life on a daily business, and it’s no wonder as the UK works more hours, on average, per week than any other country in Europe. As well as free psychic readings, being mindful of the triggers of your stresses can help to prevent them from getting worse.

Everyday stress can come from things such as commuting to and from work, meetings and important events or relationships with colleagues or friends and family. There are many ways in which you can combat these, so you can look forward to your day instead of experiencing the oh-so-common ‘tight’ feeling in the chest and head. Reaching up and into your higher self is a magnificent way of seeing and perceiving your stresses in a better light. This can be done by simply closing your eyes for a couple of minutes and visualising yourself in a calm and confident manner, knowing that you can complete and conquer anything that may stress you or get you down.

Alternatively, if you are one who struggles with handling multiple things at once, then time management may resolve a lot of the stresses in your life. For example, every morning write down the things you have to do for the day ahead in order of importance. This will allow you to see how much energy you should give to the more important tasks, with less energy and worry being given to those at the bottom of the list.

Most importantly, suffering with stress on your own is one of the worst ways to deal with it. Make sure you confide in friends or family members, as they will be sure to give you answers to your stresses and probably put things back into perspective, something that is undervalued in everyday life.

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