How to Choose the Right Tarot Deck for You

Choosing the right tarot deck is a crucial step in your journey as a tarot reader. With a multitude of decks available, each offering unique imagery, symbolism, and energy, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the best fit for you. This guide will help you navigate through the process, providing insights into […]

An Incredible True Story of a Psychic and Neckties

Today, we delve into an extraordinary account that was originally published on HuffPost, a well-respected news and opinion website. The story, ‘Neckties In The Closet‘ is this story, penned by an unnamed journalist. This is a story that intertwines the mystical world of psychic and tarot with the personal memories tied to a collection of […]

Tarot Tradition: Debunking the Gifted Deck Myth

For many newcomers, there’s a looming question surrounding these mystical tools – “Should my tarot deck be gifted to me, or can I buy one myself?” A longstanding myth exists within certain circles in the tarot community, suggesting that tarot decks should be received as gifts and not bought for oneself. It’s a charming tradition […]

How to Use Tarot for Meditation?

Meditation and tarot may seem like different worlds. One is about turning inwards, calming the mind and seeking inner peace. The other involves external cards and interpreting their imagery. But the truth is, tarot and meditation can complement each other wonderfully, enriching your understanding and experiences in both practices. What is Tarot Meditation? Tarot meditation […]

Why is Meditation Recommended Before a Tarot Reading?

Tarot, a centuries-old practice with roots in the Italian Renaissance, has experienced a resounding resurgence in modern culture. Not just a mystical tool but a path to self-discovery and personal growth, Tarot allows us to connect with our inner selves and seek guidance in life’s complexities. One crucial aspect of this practice is meditation. But […]

How to know if a tarot reading is accurate?

Tarot reading, a practice dating back to the 15th century, is a method used to gain insights into various aspects of life. As Britannica explains, it’s a deck of cards used in fortune-telling, a tool for reflection, decision-making, and exploring life’s mysteries. But how can you determine if a tarot reading is accurate? This question is […]

How to do a Love Tarot Reading for Yourself

Introduction Welcome to a fascinating journey of self-discovery and insight – the magical world of tarot. You might have heard of tarot as a mysterious, esoteric practice, but at its heart, tarot is a tool for exploration, reflection, and personal growth. It’s like having a good chat with a wise friend, who helps you see […]