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Hello! My name is Bella, I have been giving professional readings for over 10 years and counting! I specialise, in all things mind, body and soul. Whether it comes to love, career, family, spiritual advice, pet psychic, and so much more, I can answer all questions, and guide you to your brighter path. Skills and Services I offer. Using my gifts, allows me to see into not only your past, present, future, but most importantly your aura. I can look further into your life path, your feelings, and how others feel around you. This comes in handy for love, relationship, breakups, family, and friends. But not limited. The experience I provide. My goal is to ensure that you feel safe during the reading, to be open and honest, the calmer my client is, the more I can see clearly, into what’s going on and how to fix it. Being able to connect with people on such a deep, and spiritual level, is such an honour, and I like to make sure that all of my clients, are happy, safe, and free in our readings. I am non-judgemental on any condition, and I am here to tap into the nitty gritty of the situation, unveil the truth, and spread love and light.