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Hi! My name is Cara and I am a tarot reader who has been giving professional readings for the last 10 years. I have had clairaudience and clairsentience my entire life and I have been using my spiritual knowing to help those around me. I use tarot cards to help clarify the messages I hear and feel as well as using angel cards to further clarify with my guardian angel. SKILLS AND SERVICES I OFFER. I particularly specialise in love readings and no contact/separation readings. I use tarot cards and my spiritual gifts to help you gain further insight on how your person is currently feeling/thinking towards your situation. THE EXPERIENCE I PROVIDE.You can expect direct, truthful but loving responses from you. I’m here to support and guide you using spiritual aid and I truly have your best interests at heart. I am warm, welcoming and empathetic and helping people through the medium of tarot is something I truly love! MY MOST MEMORABLE EXPERINCE WITH A CALLER. I have guided previous clients from no contact/separation to harmonious, loving connections using the guidance I receive from my spiritual knowing, guardian angel and tarot cards. This is my favourite part of my job! Helping clients truly turn challenging situations around and guiding them on their journeys of fulfilling their desires. WHY CHOOSE ME FOR A READING. You should choose me for a reading as you will receive a truthful, direct but loving reading where we will truly get deep on discussing the energies that surround your situation and how it can be harmonised. It would be lovely to hear from you, call me for the answers you seek!