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Warm welcome to you, my name is Fern and I am an experienced Tarot card reader and psychic. Are you are needing answers, clarity, or guidance? Let me help you, We will work through your questions and delve deep to provide guidance for the journey ahead. With my strong intuition I am able to provide professional and calm readings. I have over 30 years’ experience and specialise in Love, Relationships, Career, and general readings about what messages Spirit may have for you. I do not judge at all, I am very down to earth want to give you the very best reading possible. I’m truly able to understand the messages received from the Tarot and Oracle cards as well as my psychic abilities and intuition. I apply these skills to the questions my clients are asking and the areas they seek clarity in. The cards speak to me, and I am able to see a story unfolding guiding my intuition and observations. I provide a calm and reassuring experience, no matter what answers we receive from Spirit. I will also provide guidance based on the messages and downloads. I am able to offer solutions to a difficult situation.