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Hi, my name is Jade, I enjoy reading Tarot and believe that the cards choose you. I have been drawn to Tarot since a young age, I have been reading the cards now for 8 years and I have a very accurate intuition I use tarot to provide guidance and proof of my psychic abilities. I work with my gifts to provide comfort to clients that might be going through a tough time. I enjoy predicting things for example perhaps a client might be getting a new car or house etc. You can expect to feel lighter after a reading and with a clear direction on where your life is heading through the guidance of the Tarot. Clients will always be made to feel comfortable and not judged on whatever the case may be in the cards I have helped previous callers with relationship difficulties and how they can heal in a positive way and move forward with their lives. In the past Clients have came back to me and told just how my advice and guidance got their decision to take a healthier path. You should choose me for a reading as I have a lot of empathy and accuracy. I’m professional and non- judgemental. Call me and expect to leave the reading with clarity and positivity about life.