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Hello, my name is Miroslav, your intuitive guide to navigating life's journey with clarity and insight. With a natural sensitivity to energies, I have a unique gift for tuning into the subtle vibrations and frequencies that shape our experiences. I unlocked my magic potential 10y ago. In addition to psychic readings, I specialize in Tarot-Reading-Numerology, where I use the power of Tarot cards and numerical symbolism to provide insightful guidance tailored to your unique energy signature. I also offer Astrology Charts and Transit readings, tapping into the energies of the planets to provide deeper insights into your life's patterns and potentials. My connection with numbers runs deep, and I am particularly attuned to their meanings and significance. Whether it's deciphering the symbolism of your birthdate or unraveling the mysteries of numerological patterns, I bring a wealth of knowledge and intuition to every reading. I have the ability to receive information from the informational area, gaining insights into the knowledge and experiences of the people I approach. Through intuitive connections, I can offer guidance and support that resonates on a soul level, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with clarity and confidence. With my diverse range of abilities and a genuine passion for helping others, I am here to illuminate your path and empower you to embrace your fullest potential. Let's embark on this journey together, uncovering the wisdom and insights that await you.