Arg dumped heartbroken Gemma by text message

Arg dumped heartbroken Gemma by text messageWe reported back in September that favourite TOWIE couple Gem and ‘Arg’ had broken up and that Gemma had been the one to call it off. However, we can now reveal that ‘Arg’ was the one to call it off, and he has been less than a gentleman when it comes to the break up.

James ‘Arg’ Argent has always been a bit of a cheeky chappy in TOWIE, but his immaturity certainly shone through when he dumped his girlfriend by text message. Not only that, but in his one and only meeting with Gemma after the break up, it turned out that his motivation behind the meeting was mainly to get his Playstation back.

At the meeting, Gemma was very upset and tears started flowing, which Arg then tried to dispel with jokes before wiping them away. Once he had cheered her up a bit, they managed to have a serious conversation about their break up.

In the end, Arg’s lack of trust led him to him breaking up with Gemma, but they both seem to be looking towards brighter things now.

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