Boost positivity by making a positive word dictionary

Positivity can bring us all kinds of luck and good fortune in life, something which many of us gain after taking an online psychic reading. In between psychic readings, using positive words can help you keep positivity levels high as our usage of words can have extremely powerful results, not just when speaking to other people but when speaking to ourselves.

Saying aloud certain words that generate positive feelings within ourselves is a form of spiritual encouragement, helping us keep our energies vibrant and happy. This can help us in all walks of life, whether when trying to seal a business deal or just hoping to become better friends with someone.

Experiments have shown that certain words, such as disgust, hatred and anguish, can make energies more negative, but overall it is up to each individual person. Making your own personal positive dictionary of words that make you feel good can help you on the way to positivity, a few suggestions being relax, patient, flourish and calm.

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