Can Colour Heal You?

Colour Therapy is a Holistic Healing method that helps balance the energy fields of the body known as the Chakras and Aura.

The effects of colour can help harmonise our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. The use of specific colours can help bring about your change of vibration in your energy field and therefore help you re-balance your mind, body and spirit. Colours can also be used to assist you in achieving goals, dreams and desires in your life.


To help balance your finances: Surround yourself or wear the colour green. The essence of green will help you balance you time wisely and support you in the spiritual law of giving and receiving. If you give too much but don’t allow yourself to receive, you will be sending out subconscious message to the Universe that you don’t deserve to be helped and so you create problems in your life connected with a lack of money (also known as Poverty Consciousness). As well as wearing the colour green, use the affirmation: “I have a never-ending source of abundance.” Repeat this affirmation silently to yourself or say it out-loud throughout the day, whenever you are on your own. Affirmations help focus your mind on the positive, thereby increasing feelings of uplift. This will result in more positive energy that will draw wonderful results toward you.
Health Problems: There are a number of different colours you can wear or surround yourself with. Wearing the appropriate colour can help kick-start the healing needed to speed up the illness or emotional problem, enabling you to regain strength, Vitality and wellbeing. The first colour to help heal an emotional upsets and hurts (especially grieving from loss, such as the loss of a loved one to Spirit or the loss of a close relationship such as a divorce or separation) is orange. The essence of the colour helps ignite the spark inside you (the bubbly part of your personality that may be withdrawn and temporarily quiet), enabling it to shine brightly once again. Your body and soul use this colour to help heal the emotional energy blocks you hold inside yourself. Many people also use the colour terracotta around the home – especially in the living area. This is because they have intuitively picked the colour they most need to heal any hurting within their lives. Along with wearing orange, the affirmation to use for grieving or inner depression is: “I love myself and I love my life.” Again, repeat this whenever and as often as you can and you will soon notice a change within.

The other colour you wear for healing from any kind of physical pain is blue. This colour will calm your emotions, bringing you inner confidence and understanding what you need to do to help you heal. Maybe you need to make some lifestyle changes such as a change of eating habits or finding time to exercise as well as getting enough sleep and rest. Blue will help you communicate your inner truth, to do what you desire to make you happy in life by having the courage to take risks and make changes. This automatically helps alleviate any pain or physical illness when you take the time to do the inner work. The affirmation to use along with wearing blue is: “I live my truth and follow my heart.3

Faith and unfolding your dreams: Surround yourself with and wear lilac. The essence of this colour will connect you to the universal wisdom and power of the Devine. This is a very spiritual colour and can help you when you feel the need to surrender or pray to a higher power. Faith can move mountains, and having faith can instantly bring healing and help you to know that what you want will be given to you if it is perfect for your highest good. You allow God to Co-Create your life alongside you, knowing that he knows what is best for you. This colour can assist healing from headaches, depression, sleep problems and negative thoughts. The affirmation to use alongside lilac is: “I trust in the universe to show me the way.”

Colours can help heal your life, your health and your moods. If you are in tune with your intuition you’ll surely pick out the colours you need at the time. If you are not listening to your vibes, you may prolong your healing by picking out colours that do nothing to help your emotions and moods.

One final thing to remember is that only you have the free will to heal yourself and your life. This can propel you forward to success and happiness or, if no positive action is taken, will hold you back thus repeating old mistakes and patterns.

The Choice Is Yours!


Image Credit: Paula Maffei

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