Can we have psychic connections with our pets?

Can we have psychic connections with our petsOur pets can sometimes be our closest friends and they can be very in tune with their owners; many dogs and cats seem to just know when it’s dinner time, or how to find their way home by themselves, or when their owner is feeling down and would like some company. But is this simply learned behaviour, or is it possibly a psychic connection?

The behaviour of cats and dogs is often down to habit. For instance, if they eat at the same time every evening they will soon get into a pattern of when dinnertime is. However, there are other signs that indicate a psychic connection.

If a pet spends more time around you when you’re feeling down, or if your pet can foresee the arrival of a visitor, or even if you often have dreams about your pet, it is quite likely that owner and pet share a psychic connection.

With many people in our lives we put up barriers, concerned at the demands and judgements of others, but with pets we let them see us as we are, and this helps establish a strong psychic connection.

You can also have a strong psychic connection with a trained medium, and if you are facing problems and would like more than the company of a beloved pet, why not take a psychic reading for some valuable insight?


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