How To Create Good Karma

Many people associate the word karma with bad luck and pay back. It is often associated with the expression “what goes around comes around”, which highlights the cycle of karma. Karma however is best explained as the spiritual debt that we all carry in each lifetime. This is so that the soul can evolve through experience.

To balance negative ‘bad’ karma with positive ‘good’ karma, all you have to do is focus on doing good in the world. Good karma clears your spiritual debt, whilst bad karma increases the pay back and carries it over into the next lifetime.

To create good karma it is necessary to put it into practice every day…

Stop Lying

The easiest way to instantly reduce bad karma is to stop lying. Lying is a highly negative habit that can get you into all sorts of trouble and problems. If you happen to be a habitual liar you need to decide whether or not you want to start clearing your karmic debt. Committing to always telling the truth will create a massive positive impact on your life.

Offer Genuine Compliments

Telling someone that you think they look great, or are doing a good job, helps to spread positivity. Resist the temptation to lie, just to make someone feel good, and only pay genuine compliments that you actually mean. You will make someone feel positive and uplifted, and boost your good karma at the same time.

Give Thanks

The simple action of saying “thank you” to everyone, and for everything, is like amassing karmic pennies to clear your spiritual debt. The statement of genuine appreciation will also positively impact on the way that other people perceive you.

Share Your Skills

Passing on your skills and talents is a great way to boost your good karma quota. You can do this by volunteering in your local community, mentoring, or teaching others how to do things for themselves. Every time that you help someone you also karmically help yourself.

Be Accountable

Taking full responsibility for your actions helps you to balance your karma. To maximise your good deeds be kind to everyone that you encounter every day. Smile, be friendly and always speak with kind words. Make it your aim to spread a loving vibe all around.

Forgive And Forget

Holding a grudge does nothing to clear your spiritual karmic debt. It is the selfless act of forgiveness that frees you from karma. Be open to forgiving all those who have hurt you in the past. Until you can do so, you will remain chained to the cycle of karmic clearing.

Meditate On Important Matters

Instead of impulsively reacting, when dealing with important matters, learn to balance your karma with meditation. Meditating on the matter will help you to connect with your divine spirit. This enables you to consider the matter with care and consideration, and also helps you to make the best decision for your highest good.

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