Why We Love Ghosts, Apparitions And Spirits

Ghosts, spirits and things that go bump in the night hold a mysterious fascination for many people. The mysteries of the psychic and spiritual realms, and non-physical supernatural worlds, scare us yet also captivate our imagination.facebook ghost

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Ghosts are spiritual presences that usually take on a physical form in order to interact in a physical environment. This interaction relies on the use of energy. Although many people do not believe in ghosts these spiritual entities are top of the unnerving supernatural list, when it comes to spooky encounters. Ghosts are forms of spiritual energy with a need to convey a message. Many ghosts do not know they are ghosts and simply require acknowledgment so that they can move on.

Apparitions are energy memories that are locked into a time and place due to particular circumstances. It is like watching an event happening over and over again. Apparitions are sometimes known as residual hauntings because they occur in the same place. Energy cleansing the room or space can easily remove the apparition.

Spirits exist in a purely energetic form that is usually only visible to someone with clairvoyance or mediumship skills. Most spirits choose to interact with our physical world to check in on us and to impart information. Sometimes a spirit may not be aware that they have crossed over.

Poltergeists are noisy ghosts that are associated with the movement of objects. These entities are what most people find truly frightening. Poltergeist activity is due to the build up of energy in the environment. Uncontrolled energy is unleashed into physical activity.

Visitations usually occur when people are in a state of hypnagogia. This is the name given to the ‘mind awake, body asleep’ state between moving towards sleep or wakefulness. Most people are convinced that there is no such thing as ‘ghosts’ so they are unable to recognise when an attempt at contact is being made. The state of hypnagogia allows us to be more open to suggestion, which is why spirit and ghost visitations sometimes occur.

Ghosts, apparitions, spirits and poltergeists can all easily be removed or contained within an environment, and therefore do not cause any harm. These spiritual entities are mostly harmless energy that simply needs to be redirected.

There are however, darker energies that can manifest in forms that manipulate, control and possess. If you experience an encounter with dark forces it is important that you seek professional advice and help.

Attachments are more common than actual physical possessions. An attachment is a spiritual entity that is attached to a person. Attachments can occur at any time and not all of them are negative or bad. Sometimes an attachment is formed by a person who crosses over but isn’t ready to depart this physical life. The person, with the attachment, may feel a strong sense of the deceased person’s presence and may be unable to move forward. If the attachment interferes with or controls your life professional help should be sought.

Demons are the nerve chilling stuff of movie nightmares and are negative controlling spiritual entities that thrive on possession. Darker energy that is evil cannot simply attach itself to anyone at random. Demonic energy must be invited into the physical world and this usually only happens when someone has been meddling with psychic stuff or black magic that they do not fully understand.




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