Guardian Angels – Feathers From Heaven

Many people ask me after a Tarot Reading for a sign that things are going their way.

Feathers are a common form of communication from your Guardian angels If you have prayed to your Guardian Angel for help or for guidance of whatever problem you need help with and you have asked your Guardian Angel for a sign that everything’s going to be okay, be sure to notice feathers, especially white ones.
They can appear as tangible objects on the ground or floating from the air. Moreover, you may notice a random image of a feather, such as on television or printed on the side of a shopping bag.. The angels use various means to get your attention and let you know they’re here to help. Usually I tell people to pick the feather up and thank their Guardian Angel for it sending it them. That way you are giving thanks for the help you are receiving and also letting your Guardian Angel know that you understand and are receiving their messages.

In the past people have called me up and said that they have found a Black Feather and is this a sign of bad luck or death ? Of course not our Guardian Angels seek to protect us from harm and more often than not Black Feather is a sign that you should be extra vigilant when driving or doing anything dangerous.
Guardian Angels are sent to protect us and they are always near at hand.
Have you ever woken up and felt a fluttering by your face or a breeze upon your face – more often than not it is your Guardian Angel watching over you at night. Sometimes they come to visit us at night just to gaze upon us. Children are most receptive. You often heard of children chattering to imaginary friends, but when you go to see them the friend is not there. Well more often than not it is a Guardian Angel come to see them and children are born with the ability of seeing Guardian Angels where we as Adults cannot.

We lose the ability as we get to our teens. Whenever you hear a child talking to an imaginary friend, go in and check their room afterwards – it is almost certain that you will find a white feather or two left behind.
Written by reader 0175 Susan

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