Healing Crystals For Aquarius

29022508_mThere are many ways in which healing crystals can be used. You can select a crystal that works with the energy of your birth or astrological sign, or simply choose a beautiful gemstone that visually appeals to you. Crystals contain magical healing properties that can revitalise the mind, body and spirit. As a practical healing tool, crystals are now a hugely popular aid for anyone seeking to improve health, wealth and vitality.

Aquarius Birthstones

Many crystals have qualities that aid an assortment of different health and emotional problems. Crystals that resonate with the energy of the astrological sign of Aquarius can improve wellbeing and overall health for anyone born in the period between 21 January and 19 February. The crystal can be worn, as a piece of jewellery, or carried in your hand or pocket, so that it is constantly in your auric field of energy. Aquarius birthstones also make excellent gifts for friends and family members.

There are five crystals that are typically associated with Aquarius energy:

Amethyst is a highly popular quartz crystal that is well known for its healing energy. Amethyst can help you let go of grief and sadness and is beneficial in the treatment of addictions. This powerful gemstone has a strong vibration and energy that you can use to aid many forms of healing. Violet and purple crystals like amethyst and sugilite also help to rebalance the body.

Garnet crystals resonate with earth and base chakra energy and are often used to promote grounding and increase vitality. Garnet is beneficial in the healing of health issues that are associated with the lower stomach and genital area. Red crystals are also associated with stimulation and activation and work with the energy of the heart and base chakras.


Moss Agate is associated with wealth and is often used to attract abundance. This is a great strengthening and cleansing crystal to use in the workplace as it heals and releases stagnant energy and promotes an increase in prosperity. Place a moss agate crystal next to paperwork, spread sheets and bank statements to encourage financial growth and positivity.

Moss agate also enhances mental concentration and helps with stamina and endurance, making it a useful practical healing aid for physical exercise and body therapies. Green crystals like moss agate work with the energy of the heart chakra and create a sense of balance within.

Opal is well known for its ability to highlight and bring personal traits and characteristics to the surface, so that they can be examined and transformed. Opal crystals absorb and reflect light and pick up thoughts, feelings and buried emotions. As a healing aid this karmic crystal encourages positive self-awareness and assists in the process of letting destructive emotions go.

Sugilite is often referred to as a premium love stone, and is a great crystal to use in all forms of healing. Sugilitie has strong nurturing qualities and protective properties that help you to remove negative attachments, thoughts and feelings. This purple crystal can also be used to release stress and accelerate positive feelings.


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