Lily Cole says psychic dream helped her become vegan

Lily Cole says psychic dream helped her become veganBritish model Lily Cole is just one of many celebrities who would happily partake in an online psychic reading after she revealed that she has had psychic dreams. She admitted that she trusts her subconscious whole-heartedly and would take advice given by it, whether found through a psychic reading, tarot reading or psychic dream.

One such instance in which Lily Cole found her subconscious shining through was when she dreamt that she was a vegan. This especially vivid dream began her journey to becoming a vegan, and she said that she was spurred on by the good feeling that she felt upon waking up.

As well as being a great example of how listening to your subconscious can help you feel good, she went on to say that everyone should listen to their deepest subconscious and apply their hopes and dreams to everyday life. Tarot readings in particular are renowned for connecting us to our deepest subconscious, something which Lily Cole suggested can get lost with all the noise of society in our heads.


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