Manifesting Valentine Love Abundance

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to appreciate and celebrate Love itself. Instead of focusing your feelings and emotions on a particular person choose to expand your awareness by cultivating love from within. When you have an abundance of love in your heart you can manifest whatever your heart truly desires.

It Must Be Love

We are all so busy seeking the warm, cosy feelings that are often associated with romantic love and emotional connection that we forget the importance and value of self-appreciation and self-acceptance. People who are disconnected from the flow of love mistakenly think that love is manifested via a physical connection with the attractive person who makes their heart beat faster.

Chasing love never works because happiness, peace and the feeling of completion are located in a different place. True love is the feeling of inner peace that comes with having the understanding of who you really are. When you appreciate and value yourself, on a deep level, life begins to make sense and your eyes see love all around. You can then attract people, experiences, places and things that enhance the warm, fuzzy feelings of love that you feel.

Love Abundance Manifestation Ritual

If you would like to create a life that is overflowing with love, this Valentine’s Day, set aside 30 minutes for this love abundance manifestation ritual. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. You can meditate and visualise the process or write down your thoughts in a journal. You can repeat the ritual whenever you like.

  • Love Yourself

The best way to practice feeling more love is to focus on loving yourself. Begin the love abundance manifestation by making a list of 10 things that you most love and appreciate about yourself. If you are meditating pause to take time to consider how you feel inside whenever you focus your attention on a particular statement. For instance: how do you feel when you tell yourself that you are beautiful?

Take your time with this exercise. Your heart will begin to expand and you’ll begin to feel like you’ve just had a big hug.

  • Expand Love For Others

Think about the people in your life who you love unconditionally. Make a list of these people and pause to consider the feelings that you sense in your heart when you think about each one. As you thank each person, for the gift that they bring into your life, you will feel the love expand in your heart.

  • Love Everything Around You

Consider the abundance of nature that is around you every day. Make a list of the things that bring your heart joy. This could be a pet, a place or a thing (flowers, a sunset, the ocean etc) that you love to be around. As before, give thanks to each thing for making your heart sing.

  • Focus On Your New Reality

Your heart will now be feeling open and expansive and you may sense that it is overflowing with love. Make a list of (up to) 10 experiences that you would like to manifest into your life. You are combining your intention with genuine heart feelings and focusing on your perfect love abundance reality. What you have discovered and now feel inside will begin to manifest in your world on the outside.


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