Soul Music – what your favourite song says about you

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If love is life, then music is the soundtrack to this experience. Music is a powerful medium that can instantly evoke emotions and feelings of joy, happiness, sadness and despair. These sounds speak to our soul on a deep level, and are energy forms that have a special meaning.

Top Of The Charts

Your favourite song, and the style of music that you love, speaks volumes about you. Songs that resonate and move you possess the energetic power to unlock your psyche. Your favourite song has a special message that is for your ears only. You love a particular song because you associate it with an intense emotional experience in your life. In some cases, the words of a song can sound like they were especially written for you.

The songs on your current top playlist can illuminate your current life situation, and also confirm what your soul already knows. You intuitively know the message that your favourite song is communicating. Listen to the uplifting melody and focus on how the song makes you feel. You may even find that you now hear the words like you are listening to the song for the very first time. Music that resonates with your soul is special, and is something you should cherish and enjoy.

The Magic Of Music

Music can help you relax, make you feel like partying, can reduce you to tears, and can minimise pain. Work and study concentration and performance can also be improved by listening to your favourite tunes. When you pump up the jam you’ll enjoy a better and more effective workout at the gym. Your favourite music genre can also make you smarter, more creative and a fun person to be around.

Did You Know?

  • Songs that you loved when you were in your 20s are the songs you will play for the rest of your life.
  • If you are a ‘magpie’ music lover you happily collect a large number of transient favourites that are usually influenced by the latest chart topping hits.
  • If you have a large music catalogue of quality tunes you are more of a ‘squirrel’.
  • The Bee Gees’ ‘Stayin’ Alive’ can help you save a life. The tune’s rhythm is the same as the 100-compression rate procedure that is performed on medical training mannequins.

The Playlist


Fans of classical music are mostly reflective and complex souls who are introverted and creative. This music genre has a theatrical performance style that appeals to people who have a high IQ and high self-esteem.


If chart pop is your listening preference you are outgoing and sociable, but tend to worry about little things. You probably like to play your favourite songs on a loop to regulate your mood.

Classic Rock

Die-hard rock fans work tend to be more self-centered than the listeners of other music genres, and appreciate music turned up to the max.

Indie Rock

Fans of Indie rock are open to new possibilities and experiences, and like to explore their creative side. Many possess the musical aptitude to form their own band.


This energetic and rhythmic genre appeals to extroverts with high self-esteem and bags of confidence, who love to dance and sing along.


Cool cats who love jazz are open-minded, creative and reflective dudes. For them, music gives their brain a workout.


Country music lovers are typically hard-working, unpretentious folk with their heart in the right place.

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