Why Don’t Some Psychic Predictions Come True?

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Psychic predictions are greatly influenced by the choices we make and how we use free will. Psychic readings may give you insight and information about what fate and destiny has in store for you, but the decisions that you make will always impact on the prediction outcome. The more spiritually open you become, the more you will develop your connection to Source, and to your soul’s plan. This understanding will influence your choices because you will have a greater awareness of your spiritual destiny and path.

What is Free Will?

Whilst there may be many potential benefits in being able to predict the future with pinpoint accuracy, unfortunately this is not possible. The reason for this is that we all have free will. Free will is the birthright of every person and it expresses personal choice that is not simply determined by physical or divine forces.

Every decision that you make can affect the outcome of any given situation, no matter how seemingly small and irrelevant. Free will allows us to fully experience life for the evolution of our souls. This means that your actions can subtly or greatly alter the outcome of the psychic predictions that you are given during a psychic reading.

Fate And Destiny

Predetermined events that your soul chose to experience during this lifetime are more or less scheduled to occur throughout the course of your life. If it is your destiny to meet a particular person, or to achieve a specific outcome, the Universe will work with you in order for these fated events to take place. Whenever you choose to ignore that inner guidance, that tells you to be in a certain place at a certain time, you are choosing to exercise your free will to make a detour.

Why Do Some Psychic Predictions Come True?

There are times when events that are foreseen in a psychic prediction reading do come true. The psychic reader tunes into your energy field and identifies where you are heading, if you decide to stay on the current path that you are on. Predictions come true when you stay true to your soul’s plan, and the other people involved in your outcome to not use their free will to alter the course.

Empowering Readings

Most experienced psychic readers practice an empowering way of answering predictive-type questions, during your psychic readings. The psychic readers will give you insight into potential outcomes, whilst also outlining the possible outcomes are of choosing Path A or Path B. When you accept the psychic reading guidance as a possible outcome you allow room for free will exploration, and for the Universe to step in with a few surprises.

Whilst prediction readings will always be hugely popular, empowering readings are appealing to more and more people who are developing their spiritual connection. The ultimate psychic reading however, is a mix of empowering insight and guidance, and predictions that come true.

For a prediction or empowering reading, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.

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