6 Signs To Recognise A Soul Mate Relationship

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A soul mate is a person who resonates with your soul on a deep spiritual level. This person, contrary to popular belief, isn’t necessarily someone you will fall head over heels in love with. A soul mate is someone from your soul group, who incarnates with you, so that you can learn important soul growth lessons together. You can have a soul mate relationship with a best friend, a sibling, a parent, a coworker or someone who plays an important role in your life. Soul mate relationships can be challenging, but also profoundly loving and supportive.

If you think you may have met a soul mate, check out these indicators and see how many resonate with you.

  1. You Have A Strong Feeling Of Déjà Vu

When you meet a soul mate for the first time, in divine timing, you are both likely to feel that you’ve met before. As you talk and start to get to know each other you’ll also probably find that there are many similarities in your experiences. You may both have grown up in the same place, or have travelled to the same foreign destinations. These quirky things that you share will highlight the divine aspect of your meeting and connection, and will help you form a strong bond with each other.

  1. You Feel Free

Being around your soul mate makes you feel liberated. This person possesses the magic ability to make you feel relaxed and totally free to be yourself. You don’t have to watch what you say or worry about how your words are interpreted. You also let go of the need to impress.

  1. Your Communication Is On Another Level

When you spend time with your soul mate you talk easily and openly. Even the pauses are comfortable because you are communicating on a deeper spiritual level.

  1. You Share Passions And Goals

There is a high probability that you and your soul mate share many interests and goals in life. Even if there is a sizeable age gap between you, you will have shared passions and a desire to make the world a better place.

  1. You Feel Spiritually Connected

The connection between soul mates is deeply spiritual and may go back many lifetimes. You therefore understand each other’s feelings and emotions, and will probably feel a closeness that you have never experienced before. Your connection is something that is out of this world, and not something that you can easily explain.

  1. You Feel Safe And Secure

The love, compassion and empathy that you share with your soul mate makes you feel completely safe and totally secure. When you are together you share a protective little bubble that no-one else can infiltrate. You also have a deep sense of mutual trust and respect, and only want what’s best for each other. What you share is the love of Oneness.

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