Some common symbols in dreams

Some common symbols in dreamsThe meanings of dreams are often discussed in a free psychic reading, and although a psychic can provide valuable insight and interpret symbols on a deeper level, having a rough idea about certain common symbols can help put minds at ease.

Being chased – this means that you are feeling threatened, and this can be by a situation or person. Think about who is chasing you as this can be a symbol in itself.

Falling – one of the most common dream situations, falling indicates anxiety about losing control over something that you care deeply about.

Food – is a symbol of knowledge because of the way in which food nourishes the body. The meaning of the dream will lie in the dreamer’s relationship with this food.

Nudity – is symbolic of revealing yourself to others, although more in the sense of personality, aspirations and emotions. Showing off nakedness could indicate a desire for recognition, whilst being ashamed suggests vulnerability.


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