Start the day well with positive words

Start the day well with positive wordsA tarot reading can help us make some tricky choices in life and can guide us towards making positive changes. It is useful to approach a tarot reading with an open mind and with the desire to make the best of what the reading presents with us, which is also a good attitude to start the day with.

To help generate this positivity and feeling of optimism, try including the following in your morning routine.

Try saying positive words to yourself in the mirror, taking time to say and reflect on the words. Some good suggestions are rejoice, transform, cherish, pure, unite, clarify, succeed and relax. Slowly taking in the meaning of these words and controlling breathing throughout can help generate a positive outlook on the day and before a tarot reading.

As well as individual words, saying an affirmation out loud to yourself can stimulate good feelings. Instead of using a sentence thought of by someone else, try to make your own from what you know will inspire you most, whether this be the idea of welcoming change or the calming force of allowing yourself time to reflect throughout the day.


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