The Scary Tarot Cards – What They Really Mean

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Tarot cards are popular divination tools that are sometimes associated with the darkness of the Occult. The highly decorative illustrated cards, of some tarot decks, feature dark, eerie and spooky images that may make you recoil in fear. Tarot card artistry is open to personal interpretation and can often have a profound effect on the querent. Although all the cards in a tarot deck depict multi-layered symbolic imagery, it may still be somewhat forbidding, off-putting or surprising to find the traditional scary cards in your psychic tarot reading spread.

The Usual Suspects

  • The Death Card

Although Hollywood movies would have you believe that someone is going to die, when this card appears in a tarot reading spread, this card does not have a literal meaning. The chilling Death card is the most feared card in the tarot deck and actually sympbolises transition or transformation. This usually involves the death of old habits or of an outdated way of thinking, and not an untimely physical death. This scary looking card may indicate the end of a relationship or partnership, or the need to find alternative means of employment. The Death card also signifies upheaval, change and old ideas falling away.

  • The Devil Card

The menacing Pagan style imagery of the traditional Devil card makes it a spooky symbol that most people would rather avoid seeing in a tarot reading spread. The Devil indicates restriction and constraint in a situation, and signifies that you have the power to free yourself at any time. The temptations of evil are only present in as much as this disturbing tarot card simply highlights the material attachments and benefits that may be evident in your relationships, career and personal life.

  • The Tower Card

The dramatic imagery of the alarming Tower card features destruction and impending death. However, the depicted devastating disaster actually symbolises a sudden realisation or event, or the end of old routines, cycles or patterns. A new beginning, or fresh start, is just around the corner waiting to show you the blessing that comes in disguise.

  • The Three Of Swords Card

The shocking Three of Swords tarot card shows a heart impaled by three sharp swords. This card doesn’t however forewarn of a painful, sudden death.  Instead the message is all about healing the emotional wounds of the past, so that you can move forward in your life. Although the Three of Swords symbolises heartbreak, betrayal and pain it also indicates positive progression out of your emotional agony or discomfort.

  • The Ten Of Swords Card

The terrifying Ten of Swords tarot card shows a body impaled by ten swords. Once again, this card is not warning you of your demise, but advising you that everything around you may not be as it seems. Expect revelations, in order to acquire the clarity that you need. The pain and suffering that you may experience may also reveal seeds of hope and new blessings.

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