The Tools That Psychics Use


Professional psychic readers often use a variety of skills and tools in order to gain the most detailed information possible, when giving you a psychic or spiritual reading. Many psychic readers are clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing) and/or clairsentient (clear sensing) and use a combination of skills and modalities to communicate with the spiritual realms.


Some psychic modalities that are commonly used by psychic readers include divination tools like tarot cards, rune stones and oracle cards. These items are used to open up awareness and to tune into your energy, at the start of a reading. There are also many psychics who use unusual objects and items for the same purpose. These items can include anything from the Ouija board, crumbled paper, mirrors, tea leaves and even wax strips!


Common Psychic Tools

  • Angel Cards

Angel cards are similar to Oracle cards and have been widely used by psychics for over 200 years. The cards traditionally depict images of angels and include angelic words of wisdom and advice. These cards also have a gentle, healing energy.

  • Astrology

Astrology involves the study and calculations of the patterns of connection between the sun, moon and planets. Psychics who use astrology will interpret information that relates to general planetary arrangement in the sky during the time of your birth. As part of a spiritual or psychic reading this information is likely to point out potentials. To gain more astrological insight you will need to have a personal birth chart drawn up by a skilled astrologer.

  • Crystal Ball

The crystal ball has been associated with fortune tellers for a long time. Unfortunately this large glass orb is not a magical object that can predict the future. Psychics can, however, see images in their third eye when concentrating their visual focus on the crystal ball.

  • Crystals

Some psychic readers like to use healing crystals during psychic readings. The energy of the specific crystal can help the psychic to tune into your energy and into the energy of a specific situation.

  • Oracle Cards

Like Angel cards, Oracle cards are used to receive direct messages from the spiritual realm. Oracle cards are illustrated with a variety of themed images that often relate to nature and the elements.

  • Playing Cards

The playing cards that are used to play card games like Snap, Bridge and Poker are sometimes used in place of tarot cards. Psychics who read playing cards interpret spiritual information associated to the numbers, colours and symbols of each card.

  • Ribbons

Occasionally psychic readers use coloured ribbons as a psychic reading resource. The message you receive will depend on the colour of the ribbon that you have selected.

  • Runes

Runes are the oldest psychic tools available and are small stone tiles that are embellished with a symbol. Each rune symbol has a specific meaning or association.

  • Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are the most popular psychic tool and are used by psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and spiritual readers. There’s a vast range of tarot cards available, and many psychic readers will use a number of tarot card decks and spreads during a psychic reading. The symbolic images of the 78 cards can reveal blocks, and provide you with the insight and wisdom you most need.

To receive the psychic information that you need, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.

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