Young psychic boy appears on TV show

Young psychic boy appears on TV showWe have said before that children often have strong psychic powers, and in a recent American TV show the evidence of this was seen first hand.

A young boy from Long Island, named Antonio, apparently regularly speaks to the dead and communicates with his late great-grandparents. His mother has the gift of being able to see spirits, but the strength of young Antonio’s psychic reading abilities does leave her feeling worried.

Her concerns mostly lay with the fear of others judging her son and making fun of him, however she still remains proud of his gift and hopes to be able to nurture it into a tool that he can use for the future.

Antonio is hoping to become a professional baseball and soccer player, so whether or not he can use his psychic abilities to help with his sporting desires is yet to be seen. In any case, if Antonio learns to control his gift he will certainly have a tool that could help not only him but others contact loved ones who have gone on, and find answers to those burning personal questions.

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