5 Tips For Summer Spiritual Growth

Keep your cool this summer by becoming more conscious of your inner being. Whilst everyone around you gets hot and bothered you can indulge in some refreshing spiritual exploration that will deepen your connection with your self and the Universe.
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Spiritual growth is the key to living a happier and more harmonious life. It is an on-going process that requires continual and dedicated awareness. Summer is the perfect opportunity to re-energise your efforts and to discover a more positive attitude and approach to life.


5 Tips For Spiritual Growth

1. Take A Break

You don’t have to jump on a plane and head off to a faraway destination to escape the pressure and stress of everyday life. Start simple by getting into the habit of taking a break from modern technology. Turn off the TV, switch off your phone, disconnect from the outside world in order to enjoy some quality inner ‘me’ time.


If you love to read choose some inspirational and uplifting spiritual books. You may find that you are drawn to a particular book because it contains the answer that you seek.

2. Create Moments For Meditation

If you don’t already devote at least 15 minutes of your day to meditation now is the perfect time to start a daily practice. Harness the powerful energy of the summer sun and explore solar magic. Focus your intention and direct positive thought towards your desired outcome.

Utilise the daily energy high points throughout the day. This can include a perfect moment of outdoor meditation, seated on a blanket in your garden. Look up into the night summer sky and meditate on the stars.


3. Switch On Your Positivity

Feeling the sun’s warming rays on your sun screen protected skin naturally makes you feel more positive and glad to be alive. Embrace this feeling by giving yourself permission to let go of negative thinking and old habits. Develop a new happiness habit and focus on all of the positive things in your life at this time. You can then start creating more positive opportunities and experiences.

4. Turn Up Your Personal Power

Use the power of the summer sun as a powerful motivational tool to turn up your personal power. Examine the way in which you work with your intuition, make decisions and control your thinking. When you are fully switched on to your own magnificence you have the power to create everything your heart desires.

5. Get In Tune With Nature

Make the most of the long, hot and lazy summer days by spiritually connecting with nature. Go barefoot in the garden or park, swim in the sea and sit and meditate under a beautiful shady tree. You can also string up a hammock and contemplate your spiritual growth whilst lying in gentle swaying comfort.

You can enjoy the pleasure of nature in so many beneficial ways. Getting outside at every opportunity will boost your mental and physical wellbeing and will power up your summer spiritual growth.

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