Summer Tarot Cards To Look Out For In Your Readings

The traditional 78-card Tarot deck is full of deeply rooted meanings and symbolism that is associated with specific times of the year. The primary tarot card that is linked to summer, and the astrological signs of Cancer and Leo, is the Page of Wands. The Sun and the Chariot tarot cards also symbolise the spirituality of the summer solstice and high summer.

When your tarot readings feature any of the following summer tarot cards you can safely assume there is positive action heading your way!


The Page of Wands

The entire suit of Wands (also known as Staffs or Rods) is associated with the element of fire and regarded as a symbolic representation of summer. The Wands symbolise the energy, movement and activity that we all seem to display when the sun comes out to play.

Each of the tarot deck’s Page cards represent youth and new beginnings. As a seasonal symbol the Page of Wands tarot card is a fitting image that demonstrates adventure, courage, passion, inspiration and unlimited possibilities. When this can is present in your spiritual tarot reading you can accept that you will be blessed with plenty of appealing opportunities.

The Sun

The Sun tarot card depicts a beautiful summery scene and features a bright yellow sun, a row of sunflowers and a child riding a white horse. The striking vibrant image symbolises energy, vitality, joy and life. Like the Page of Wands, this tarot card too signifies positive new beginnings.

When the Sun appears in your tarot reading spread it may indicate good fortune is on its way. This summer tarot card is a fortunate card to choose. In a spiritual reading the Sun can represent a resourceful person who is coming to help or a golden opportunity that is about to land in your lap.

The Chariot…

The Chariot tarot card is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer (21 June – 22 July) and represents strong, fiery energy. This tarot card symbolises success and triumph and depicts an armored warrior returning home in a chariot after a fruitful campaign.

When the Chariot is present in your psychic tarot reading it signifies that you are about to get what you want. It also suggests that there have been struggles to overcome along the way to your moment of triumph. If the Chariot card relates to a person it implies that someone is about to grant your wishes, so be careful what you wish for. In relating to an event, this summer tarot card indicates good fortune and a positive outcome. It also comes with the warning that you must consider all long-term consequences.

Summer Spiritual Readings

A spiritual reading in the summer is the perfect opportunity to reflect on all that has already occurred in your life this year. At the half way point, in 2015, a spiritual reading can help you get back on track, identify any energy blockages to manifestation and lift your spirits with a positive outcome to look forward to during the remainder of the year. If you discover the Page of Wands, the Sun or the Chariot in your reading consider yourself to be extremely fortunate.

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