An Incredible True Story of a Psychic and Neckties

Today, we delve into an extraordinary account that was originally published on HuffPost, a well-respected news and opinion website. The story, ‘Neckties In The Closet‘ is this story, penned by an unnamed journalist.

This is a story that intertwines the mystical world of psychic and tarot with the personal memories tied to a collection of neckties.

The protagonist of our tale is a journalist. This journalist had the unique opportunity of interviewing a medium—a person believed to possess the ability to communicate with the spirits of the deceased. After the interview, the medium offered a personal reading, an offer that the journalist accepted.

As the reading began, the medium connected with the spirit of a man. As the journalist would later confirm, the details provided by the medium were both remarkably accurate and deeply personal. The spirit was identified as none other than the journalist’s own father, who had passed away a couple of years prior.

One particular detail in the reading stood out above all others. The medium relayed a message from the spirit about a collection of neckties. The father’s spirit expressed that it was time for these neckties to be let go. This piece of information stunned the journalist. Unknown to her, her mother had kept her late husband’s neckties in his closet, unable to part with these tangible memories of him. Even after his death, the neckties remained, silent and untouched, a testament to a love that endured beyond life itself.

Upon hearing the reading, the journalist felt a wave of emotions. She called her mother and shared the message from her father’s spirit. It was a deeply emotional conversation, one that brought to light the unspoken grief and love that had been quietly residing in a corner of her mother’s heart.

In the ensuing Christmas, the mother found a way to transform her grief into a gift of love. She took the neckties that her husband had left behind and crafted quilts out of them. These quilts were then given to her children, a present that was both a symbol of their father’s love and a poignant reminder of the man he once was.

This extraordinary story serves as a testament to the uncanny accuracy of the medium’s reading. It also highlights the power of personal belongings, to embody deep emotional connections and memories. Most importantly, it demonstrates the potential of psychic and tarot readings to provide comfort, instigate healing, and help us navigate the complex tapestry of life.



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