Tarot Tradition: Debunking the Gifted Deck Myth

For many newcomers, there’s a looming question surrounding these mystical tools – “Should my tarot deck be gifted to me, or can I buy one myself?”

A longstanding myth exists within certain circles in the tarot community, suggesting that tarot decks should be received as gifts and not bought for oneself. It’s a charming tradition that many abide by, yet it’s equally misunderstood and disputed. The belief suggests that a gifted deck carries more potent positive energy or luck, or that it’s more spiritually appropriate to receive a deck rather than purchase one for personal use. This article aims to explore and debunk this myth, highlighting the varying perspectives and presenting a balanced viewpoint for the reader’s consideration.

The Roots of the Gifted Deck Myth

The origins of the tradition that tarot decks must be gifted are shrouded in ambiguity, much like the tarot itself. Many traditions have been passed down orally through generations and might not have a definite historical foundation. The ‘gifted deck’ belief, for instance, could have been cultivated to foster a sense of community or camaraderie amongst tarot practitioners, or simply to add an extra layer of mystique to the practice.

The gifted deck tradition may also stem from the idea that a tarot deck should be treated with reverence and respect, as it is seen as a sacred tool in spiritual and divination practices. Receiving a deck as a gift could thus be seen as an initiation rite into the world of tarot, a thoughtful blessing from a more experienced reader.

Why the Myth is Misleading

While this tradition might sound appealing to some, it’s important to note that it isn’t universally accepted or practised within the tarot community. Indeed, many tarot card readers and experts consider it perfectly acceptable to purchase your own deck. The key reason? It allows you to choose a deck that resonates with you personally.

Tarot decks come in many varieties, each with its unique artwork and symbolism. The emotional connection and understanding a reader has with their deck can profoundly impact the quality of their readings. If you’re reliant on someone else’s choice, there’s a risk the deck may not connect with your intuitive interpretation.

The Importance of Personal Connection

If there’s one rule that many in the tarot community agree upon, it’s that the most important aspect of tarot reading is the connection and understanding you have with your deck. Whether it’s a gift or a personal purchase, a tarot deck should feel comfortable and intuitive to use. The imagery should stir something within you and align with your personal interpretations of the card meanings.

Buying your own deck can be a process of self-discovery, allowing you to explore your tastes and preferences and choose a deck that feels right for you. It’s important to remember that tarot is a deeply personal journey, where individual preferences and comfort take precedence.

The Middle Ground: Gifting Yourself a Deck

There’s a compelling compromise to consider in this debate, especially for those who still find the gifting tradition appealing but are eager to choose their deck – why not gift yourself a tarot deck? This approach maintains the spirit of the tradition but allows for personal choice and connection. You can even make the process special by wrapping the deck and perhaps writing a meaningful note to yourself, emphasising your intentions and hopes for your tarot journey.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, the belief that a tarot deck must be gifted is a tradition, not a universally accepted rule. The most critical factor in using tarot cards is your connection with the deck, whether it’s gifted or personally chosen. As you venture on your tarot journey, remember that it is a tool of self-exploration and intuition, and the deck that assists you best in this journey is the one that resonates most profoundly with you, irrespective of how it finds its way into your hands.

This is one myth that can confidently be set aside. Your spiritual or tarot journey should be dictated by personal comfort and intuition rather than tradition or myth. Whether you’re buying your first tarot deck or you’re an experienced reader considering a new one, choose a deck that speaks to you, captivates your imagination, and aligns with your intuitive understanding. It’s not about how the deck finds you, but how you find yourself within the deck.

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