An Introduction to: Numerology and Birth Numbers.

Did you know that Numbers are like people and have different personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

To find out your Birth Number you add up your date of birth.

For example if you were born on the 12th of April 1971 then you would add : 1+2+4+1+9+7+1 = 26 then you add 2+ 6 making your Life or Birth Number + the number 8 which is a very strong number in Eastern Philosophy for good luck and prosperity. When working out your Birth or Life Number it is important NOT to reduce down the following “Master numbers “, such as 10, 11, 22 and 24. If your Birth date adds up to number 22 for example you Do Not reduce it down to 2+2= 4, as it is classed as a “Master number”, and remains at the number : 22.

As I said, each number has a personality for example the number 1, denotes that you are a born leader, that you would be better in a job that gives you more
responsibility than other people but that you must not become selfish and self-obsessed and must remember to bring other people’s feelings and opinions into your everyday dealings and relationships.

If you have the Birth number 2, then you are a master of communication, and a true harmony manager and would work well in a team of like-minded people for thebetter of human kind, giving your strength of character to a cause or job that you have your heart set on.

If you have the Birth number 3, then you are a gifted, flexible individual who can become like a chameleon and work in a variety of service industries and works on your own merits and strengths rather than on the strengths of others.You are an asset to any team and would do well in a position of authority but you do not have a need to do this. Working with the arts, marketing, the media, or in a group of people suits you well.

If you have the Birth number 4, then you have a great need for harmony and love in all areas of your life and you need to have a common goal with the people that you are working for or with. You need a home that you can call your own and a great need for harmony and for good, balanced personal relationships.

If you have the Birth number 5, then you are a master of the Universe and can really put our mind to good use at any job, being able to excel at any task you undertake good for you! Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on your next promotion and if
the company you work for don’t realise your talents, then plan and move to your next job where you will be appreciated.


If your Birth number is 6, then you are a true healer and lover of Life, you love harmony and a good, positive atmosphere and work well where you work on your intuition and strength of character rather than analysing statistics and figures. You make an excellent Shop Manager and work well in customer service as you can communicate and understand people from all walks of life.


If your Birth number is 7, then you are a mystery to other people and cannot be fathomed out in a simple manner. You like to work in a job that stretches your
spiritual and intellectual capacity and work well on your own strengths’ rather than in a team environment.
If you follow your own intuitive then all will be well as you are “all seeing “, but not always “all doing”. Being a mystical type of person you can be somewhat of an enigma and not easy to work out.

If your Birth number is 8, then you are a True, born leader with the Gift of the Gab and can motivate others in a logical and rational way. You can work in a variety of service sectors or in a local business and most number “8”‘s end up being their own boss. Because they have a drive and determination that is beyond other people’s grasp.

If your Birth number is 9, then you take yourself too seriously and can care too much about what other people think of you. Please put this to the side, so you can live your life the way you want to live it. You are exceptionally in tune with other people’s emotions and this is a true gift for social work and working for the benefit of others, as long as it is not to the detriment of your own health.

If your Birth number is 10, then it is Master number and you have the qualities of a great leader but with a dogmatic sense of direction. Please remember that you have other people to look up to , and do not try to undermine other people on your way up the corporate ladder so to speak. You also have literary tendencies and can do well in this type of work.

If your Birth number is 11, then you have had to become strong in your own sense , as others do not always understand your unique ways, is that such a bad thing? You need to have strength of belonging and a great need for being appreciated in your work and also in your personal life, allow time for yourself to grow spiritually and all will be well.

Finally, if your birth number is 22, then you are Master of Your Own Universe and can put your hand to anything and in time it will become very successful. They say that success lies at your feet, but it really does start with your own thinking, remain positive, energised and upbeat and always have a great sense in your own worthiness and all will be well and balanced for a good life.

Written by Nadia 0606

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