Attuning yourself to noticing omens

Attuning yourself to noticing omensOmens have a very significant place in predictions of the future, being treated for millennia as signs of what is to come. Most people will claim they have never witnessed an omen, but it is simply a matter of training yourself to see them in everyday life.

Whilst we often think of omens as large or momentous happenings, they can be relatively minor things. There are even plenty of omens we see regularly without contemplating what they might mean. For instance, everybody knows that you can wish upon a shooting star, but have you considered that simply seeing one is a promise of good fortune?

Simple things like finding a ladybird in your home or having a cat crossing your path can also indicate different things (the ladybird means guests will arrive soon, whilst the cat means you should keep an eye out for any bad luck which may befall you).

If you’re unsure of what these signs might indicate, getting in touch with one of our psychics over the phone could help you make sense of them, allowing you to plan around future events in your life.


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