Why Setting Boundaries Is A Healthy Spiritual Practice

Having healthy boundaries is beneficial to your wellbeing. If you happen to be a highly sensitive empathic and intuitive person setting these boundaries is absolutely essential. Without boundaries you are likely to pick up and absorb the negative vibe and highly charged emotions of people, places and situations all around you.

Are You Empathic?

If you are empathic you will naturally, and easily, pick up on the emotions of everyone around you. Many empaths go through life taking on the stress, worries and concerns of other people without fully understanding what is happening, and why they suddenly feel so bad. Empaths may feel angry, resentful, confrontational, sad or lonely for no seemingly obvious reason. If you have the natural ability to sense the energy of others, setting boundaries will help you to keep your energy clean of other people’s feelings and thoughts.

Are You Intuitive?

If you are an intuitive person you are likely to have the ability to perceive truth. Your feelings are your barometer to what is going on all around you. You will also have a sense of ‘knowing’.  Whilst this may seem like a great skill to have, without setting boundaries your own feelings are likely to get muddled up with vibrations that you pick from other people.

Are You An Emotional Eater?

There are many reasons why some people comfort eat. If you are empathic and/or intuitive you may also be an emotional eater, without realising why it is that you seek the comfort of food. Putting on weight subconsciously puts a distance between you and other people rather like a barrier. This gives you a feeling of safety because you are able to shield some of the energies that you naturally attract.

Managing Feelings

When you embrace your spiritual journey you will experience many challenges, some of which may cause a personal internal struggle. As a loving soul you have probably put the needs of others before your own. This has left you open to picking up energy, emotions and feelings that are not yours.

To manage your feelings you must first disconnect from the emotions of others. Start by avoiding situations that trigger problematic emotions. Shift your attention away from unwanted emotions by focusing solely on you.

Setting Loving Boundaries

Recognising your own energy is crucial when setting healthy loving boundaries. Once you are able to distinguish your own feelings and emotions, from those of other people, you will be able to maintain a healthy spiritual practice. Meditation, energy cleansing and healing, and regular energy protection shielding are essential and necessary requirements so that you can feel balanced.

Limiting the amount of time that you spend with people, who negatively impact on your energy, will also help you to maintain a healthy spiritual practice for yourself. Listen to you body, and to your inner guidance, so that you pick up of the clues that warn you when it’s time to step away from certain people. Your own wellbeing should always be your priority.

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