Building a psychic connection with your pet

Building a psychic connection with your petChristmas is a time for all the family, and that includes all of our beloved pets. With Christmas cards available to and from the dog and cat and presents for them too, it begs the question of how close are we to our pets. Do we have a psychic connection to them?

An online tarot reading could certainly help you explore this further, but there are a number of common signs and ways in which you can strengthen your bond in the meantime. First, take some time to think about the behaviour of your pet. If it seems like they know exactly when you need some company or they feature highly in your dreams, you could have the beginnings of a psychic connection with your pet.

To help strengthen this bond between you and your pet, one of the first things to do is to create a peaceful atmosphere. Once this has been created, you can then begin to talk in calming tones to your pet until it seems to be in a meditative kind of state. This could help you begin to build up a special connection with your pet.


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