Korean Catholic Diocese Opening Spirituality Institute

Catholic Diocese Opening Spirituality Institute

The Uijeongbu Diocese in South Korea is about to make living in the spiritual world much easier, as it is establishing a research institute to look into living awakened lives.

The Diocese – which is a district under the pastoral care of the Catholic Church – is due to open its institute of lay spirituality on February 25th. The institute will research and implement these spiritual teachings, offering training on spiritual programmes, as well as seminars and retreats.

Lay spirituality is the spirituality of a layman, or someone who isn’t an ordained member of the church and doesn’t have a specific role in or knowledge of the church’s teachings.

Therefore lay spirituality is aimed at those outside Catholicism’s inner circle, helping them to connect with the otherworldly in their own way.

This is where the institute comes in. With the teachings of the church and bible studies at its centre, an academy will be formed to introduce and develop the spiritual life of the church’s faithful.

The Korean church is facing somewhat of a crisis with secular society in the area proving to be the dominant force. What the institute wants to showcase is that even in such a secular environment, one can find their spirituality, and exist on another plain while still having their feet planted in the world.

Finding ones spirituality is immensely important. It’s all well and good to be present in your physical surroundings and accept reality as you see it, but to deny yourself a whole other facet of existence and to not connect with external forces is a great shame.

Whether it be with the help of a psychic, the readings of a clairvoyant, or in the case of the Uijeongbu Diocese – faith in a greater being, there is so much to garner from these connections that can be formed.

So much positivity can be gained from such practices and even in the case of religion — the source of so many peoples spiritual and ethereal connection – developments such as these are interesting to see.




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