Why Your Life Feels Like It’s Falling Apart

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At some point in your life it is highly likely that you will feel ‘stuck’. When this happens you could find that you are unable to move forward in life, for quite some time. You may also experience a relationship break-up, you could lose your job, your home and/or your friends. Or any number of unexpected situations and challenges could present themselves.

When your life feels stuck everything sucks, and it’s difficult to find joy in anything. What is actually happening is the complete opposite of what you may think is occurring. Although it appears as if your life is falling apart, what is happening is that the ‘glue’ that holds you in place, in your current life experiences, is being removed so that you can move forward on your spiritual path.

Removing The Glue

To live your authentic life you have to become unglued from your present situations. When the time is divinely right, the Universe will orchestrate your ‘changes’. To become unglued it may be necessary for you to lose friendships and relationships that no longer serve your highest good. This can be a painful process at first, because you may not be fully aware of why this is happening. The same can also happen to your job/career and to the place that you call home.

To live the authentic life, that complements your spiritual growth, you need to make space to bring it all in. Little by little the glue will be removed so that you have the freedom to step forward. The ‘glue’ is removed when we are unable to consciously make choices and decisions that are for our highest good. Your Higher Self, and spiritual guides, will work with you so that you can heal from past hurts and begin a new life cycle.

Expect The Unexpected

There is presently a new awareness of our energetic sovereignty on the planet. More and more people are becoming spiritually awakened. In order for this to happen it is essential that your old reality falls away. The unexpected happens in divine timing, so that you can take the next step on your spiritual path. Although this may be unpleasant, uncomfortable and unpredictable, it is essential. If you want to live a life that is filled with love, joy, happiness and peace you must become aligned with a much higher vibe. Your altering vibration is what causes your life to feel like it is falling apart around you.

Unexpected changes in your life can take a while to get used to. Whilst your life is in transition, from the old reality to the new, you may experience many stop/start periods before you get fully in the flow. The seemingly slow stop and start progress is actually a continuous process that gives you the time and the space that you need to integrate the positive new energies that are helping to raise your vibration.

New Possibilities

Everything that leaves your life is creating space for something better to come in. Meditation can help you to come to terms with the falling apart process, and also to get clear on what you what in your new reality. Open your mind and heart to unlimited new possibilities. Every time that you let go of a past hurt or a limiting self-belief you move one step closer to allowing the Universe to deliver your new life. Embrace the changes, no matter how challenging and difficult they may be. Your Higher Self is running this show, and has the ultimate finale planned.

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