Connecting to your Angels

Connecting to your angelsWe are all connected, all the time, no matter how alone we feel, not only with our Guardian Angels – which everyone knows about- but also with another, previously unknown echelon. During work with past lives it becomes apparent that there is a kind of Angel called a Past Life or Soul Angel. Whereas our guardians are here to guide us through this one life, protecting us from danger if they can, Past Life Angels have been with us since out soul was a mere spark in the ground.

Their own progress is linked to ours, and this means they can be a little ruthless in their quest to wake is up in each lifetime. They follow through death and into rebirth, and – most importantly – are with us ‘in-between lives’. It’s during this time that we discuss with them the progress, or lack of it, that we achieved in the previous life. We formulate a plan, with their help, to make the nest life more productive, regarding the progression of our soul energy. There is no judgement, just commitment to follow through. However once we leave spirit, we are sent through fragmented, mind and soul fractured apart. This is the challenge for both our Past Life Angel and us. For us it has to remember who we really are and reunite mind and soul. For them it has to remind us, to nudge us – sometimes quite roughly – to remember.

If they don’t succeed, we go through life suffering from amnesia of the soul, and we will try harder next time.

They have made many methods at their disposal with which to jog our memories. These can vary from dreams, phobias, nightmares, hauntings, illnesses, depression, relationship problems, family difficulties – as we said, they can be ruthless.

Past Life Angels send us signs throughout our lives; signs designed to wake us up and help us reunite mind, body and spirit. These signs can start of as gently as déjà vu, dreams that repeat or a consuming interest in some place, person or subject. If these signs are disregarded or misinterpreted, they become harsher and may delve into the realms of nightmares, scary visions, voices and phobias.

If we still do not listen, we can suffer depression or have illnesses or accidents thrust upon us.  These accidents and illnesses will often mirror something that happened in a previous life just to remind us of our whole being. These angels can’t walk our paths for us nor can they tell us, so their only option is to make hints; its up to us to make the connection and take the leap.

Once our souls reunite with our minds, all hard lessons and difficult messages are removed as they are no longer necessary, and as for the astute angel and soul, the route of our master plan will then be laid out before us. Steps on our right footway will result in open doors for us.


Image  Credit (Flikr): Lovelyn B

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