A short history of clairvoyance in society

A short history of clairvoyance in society Clairvoyance and mediums have developed throughout the ages to adapt to the needs of people. For instance, online tarot reading is now easily available, perfect for the busy modern day worker. It is interesting to see how clairvoyance has developed through the ages.

Prominent members of various cultures have often been clairvoyants, the skill of ‘clear sight’ even being mentioned as a benefit achieved through meditation in ancient Hindu religious texts. Clairvoyants were more well-respected than they are now, despite possessing the same abilities.

The Spiritualist movement in the 18th century brought with it a great interest in the skills of clairvoyants, and it is unfortunately during this period that psychic frauds quickly began to tarnish the reputations of skilled professionals.

In the early 20th Century, research began into parapsychology, particularly in the USA where clairvoyance was tested as a potential method for covert surveillance. Since then, and particularly during the economic downturn, people are turning towards clairvoyants and tarot readers for meaningful insight into their lives.

Image credit: Auswandern Malaysia (flickr.com)

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