Coping with loss

This Mother’s Day, I am sure there will be thousands of mourning sons and daughters all over the UK wondering how they can celebrate the life of your Mother, who has passed on.


I always say, it is funny how we always never admit our mother’s are right in this life and yet when they die, we then realise how strong, how honest and how resilient they were. to celebrate this Mothering Sunday Let us all join in actually celebrating the loving bond that you still have between the memory of your mother and your own hearts.  It has been known for centuries that energy follows thought, and they say that when we think and send out our loving thoughts, the spirit of our beloved mothers draws close to bring us comfort and joy, even at the saddest times in our lives.


Have you ever walked through a field on a Spring’s day and felt the wind tickle your face , almost like a kiss?

Or walk along a beach , as the sun sets in the sky, only to turn as you hear your mother’s voice come close to you?

Do  not be afraid by this, because this is the Strength of Your Mother’s Loving Bond :  It is eternal it never dies.

This Sunday, Make a point of visiting her favourite place and rejoice in the loving memories that you have, send out love as a ray of pink light and it will return to you as a Blessing in this life.


Do you know that many young children and animals can see spirits?  Often they are too frightened to talk about it, but with compassion and caring , what should be explained is exactly this, when we are alive, just as when your mother was:

we can exist on different levels, we have various coloured, layers of energy called Aura and when we die, the energy from our mind and heart that holds all of the wonderful memories of family life, move from earth to the next level, which is still close to earth, except existing on a different level.


Have you ever smelt your mother’s favourite perfume when you walk into your home, having had a rough day at work and when you are feeling particularly down?  Have you walked out your office and looked down to see a small, white feather at your feet ready for you to pick up, for good luck?  Do you ever put your keys on a table only to find them somewhere completely different next morning, which makes you late for work?  This is a sign, it is a sign from the heavens that your mother or other loving relatives that have passed on are still really here. Even though normally we cannot see them, we can smell them,sense them and more importantly still talk to them and send out all of our loving throughts and tell them we still love them.


Let’s make Sunday 30th of March a Day of Celebrations and don’t forget to hug your nearest and dearest during this time and tell them how much you love them….after all… …..and life is ETERNAL.


It is your loving memories that draws your relatives close and the eternal bond of past family life….almost as if, …your mum is still your best friend, still your mentor, still your super strength always having an answer to every question even now…beyond the grave.

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