Food for thought! – Feed your Psychic mind.

Every individual is born with a psychic ability. This may not be realized in the early years of life, but when discovered and developed, it can eventually bring a lot of changes. However, becoming a psychic does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of commitment, hard work and determination to enhance the psychic abilities and make it usable in a day-to-day life. It also requires the right foods to nourish the body and feed the psychic mind. But before we discuss the best foods for a psychic mind, let us understand first the common experiences or signs that make an individual have this kind of ability.

  • De Ja Vu.


One of the common characteristics of physic ability is de ja vu or a feeling of overwhelming familiarity of a certain object, experiences or person.


  • High levels of intuition.


Every person has a natural intuitive ability but there are some who has stronger intuition than others. Intuition is the ability to comprehend something without any conscious reasoning. It is as simple as knowing the person who calls even before answering it or finding out what a person is doing even if he/she is not around.


  • Seeing visions


If you have seen visions from time to time (maybe through a dream or out of the blue) and it happened in reality, then it is a strong indicator of having a psychic ability.


  • Mind-to-mind connection


Receiving and sending information through the mind can signal a psychic ability. It happens when a person can read another thought and communicate through the use of the mind.


  • Knowing something without logical explanation


Having a gut feeling on something without any logical explanation is a clear psychic ability indication.

If you have experienced these five symptoms or any of them, it simply means that you possess an innate psychic ability. Whether you like it or not, it is important to accept your gift and nurture it so that you can make things happen.  Of course, it needs a lot of patience and work, as well as proper guidance from an experienced psychic advisor, but proper nutrition can also be a big factor.

Basically, there is a part of the brain that psychics call the center of awareness and that is the pineal gland. The pineal gland can be found behind the pituitary gland and it regulates most of the endocrine functions. It also secretes the “melatonin” hormone which causes a feeling of sleepiness. According to psychics, nourishing the pineal gland will create neural chemicals that can help the brain convert energy to mental images. This can be made possible by eating nutritious, high-vibrational and live foods such as raw fruits and vegetables.

Why Eat Raw Fruits and Vegetables?

The primary food for the pineal gland is lecithin and this chemical can be obtained from dark leafy vegetables like collards, cabbage, mustard greens, kale, bok choy, turnip greens and even seaweeds. Eating these vegetables or fruits in raw can preserve the lecithin. In fact, the more this chemical is consumed, the greater the ability of the body to sense subtle energies.

According to the actual experiences of a raw food blogger named Steve Pavlina, raw fruits and vegetables makes him more intuitive or psychic. This claim is also supported by a psychotherapist named Doreen Virtue who emphasizes on her book that a raw vegan/fruit diet can increase a person’s intuitive as well as psychic abilities. It makes an individual more alive, more attuned, and more sensitive to the vibes of other people.

Minimize or Eliminate Meat

If you are a carnivore who wished to enhance the psychic mind, you should think of minimizing or eliminating this kind of food. That is because a slaughtered animal usually experiences fear and pain, and it is believed that these emotions will be passed on to 3you if you consume it more often. In addition, eating meat requires a great amount of energy to digest and this will certainly divert your body’s focus. So if you want to develop your senses, start eating light such as the raw fruits or vegetables. Make sure that when you eliminate animal products in the diet, a balanced consumption of healthy fats and proteins should be observed.

No to Processed Food

Processed foods are often the source of harmful toxins. These toxins are responsible for damaging the body and creating several diseases. That is why; if you want to develop your psychic ability, feed yourself with raw and natural foods. Do not eat junk foods, avoid seasonings, control your sugar intake and be mindful on the calories of every food product you eat. The more toxins you have, the slower your body to discern. Hence, stick to raw fruits and vegetables and get used to this kind of psychic diet.

Drink Plenty of Water, Fruit/Vegetable Juices and Avoid Alcohol

The body is consist mostly of water and drinking enough of it every day helps improve the blood flow, as well as fluidity. The spirit often operates in connecting the body to the fluidity of energy, thoughts, feelings and transference. With proper hydration, it can be easier for the body to transfer messages and receive it with clarity. Fruit juice or vegetable juice can also be a big help in maintaining fluidity because it keeps the body well nourished. However, alcohol can ruin the vibrations because it lowers the energy levels. Thus, it should be avoided as much as possible so that the body will be more sensitive to vibrations and it is easier to connect to the spirit.


Changing your typical diet does not only enhance your psychic abilities but it also improves your overall health. Having a state of equilibrium inside the body is necessary to make the organs function normally. The greater energy you possess, the calmer you can be and the better feeling you will experience. Just keep in mind that it takes a lot of patience to develop your innate psychic ability, partnered with healthy and nutritious foods.

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