Creating Your Sacred Space


We all need a special place where we can relax and unwind, and feel blessed and connected. A sacred space, that is personal to you, is your go-to place whenever you need to connect to your own inner wisdom. This is often a beautiful outdoor location in nature, or a place that is associated with spirituality – like a cathedral, temple, stone circle or ancient site. Creating a personal sacred space closer to home allows you to easily access calm and peace whenever you’re feeling disconnected and stressed.

Your Special Corner Of The Earth

Having somewhere quiet and peaceful where you can relax and gather your thoughts, and clear your mind, is beneficial to everyone. Our modern hectic lives mean that most of us are on automatic pilot most of the time. Switching off from the stressors of our frantic world can sometimes be super challenging. Creating a sacred space allows you to have a special corner or place that is meaningful to you. This is where you can get to know the real you.

In your special sacred space you can switch off from noise, demands, responsibilities and everything else that requires your attention. In the tranquility you can experience calm, peace and solitude, and also recharge your batteries.

The Perfect Spot

You can create a personal sacred place anywhere in your home. You do not need an entire room to create a sanctuary of calm and bliss. A quiet corner of your living room or bedroom, or the spare box room are all perfect places where you can set up a sacred space. Your bathroom is also ideal, provided you won’t be disturbed by anyone wanting to use the facilities.

Look for a place in your home that makes you feel calm and uplifted. This could be a comfy armchair positioned by a window that overlooks your garden. Or you may find that your bedroom is the perfect spot for afternoon meditation. Once you have found your choice spot ensure that it is clutter free and inviting. You may like to decorate this sacred space with candles, flowers, incense and crystals. Add whatever enhances your experience.

When To Visit Your Sacred Space

Visit your special sacred space as often as you like. Whilst it is good to sit for a while in peace and tranquility after a stressful day at work, it is also beneficial to switch off and connect with your inner wisdom for no reason other than it makes you feel good. Daily meditation practice, in your sacred space, will make you feel calm, balanced and ready for anything. Just 10-20 minutes in your sacred space every day can make a huge difference to your mood, perspective and inner peace.

When you’re in your sacred space let go of concerns and worries and allow random thoughts to float through and out of your mind. The less that you think about the more relaxed you will feel. Connecting with your Higher Self’s inner wisdom is a special moment just for you. Use this time to explore your spirituality on a deeper level.

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