The Origins Of Psychic Readings



Psychic readings have been around for centuries. In many early cultures psychics and healers were an essential part of the royal court. Psychics were consulted whenever important decisions had to made.

Egyptian Priests and Priestesses who worshipped the Gods used oracles to foretell events. Weather prediction, for example, would highlight the best time to plant grain. Whether or not to go into battle was also something frequently asked of psychics. People generally sought information from ‘readers’ in order to maintain control of their lives.

Today, many cultures have acceptable psychic practices that do not conflict with religious beliefs. The Jewish Kabbalah, Paganism, Gnosticism and Astrology are just a few of these ancient practices that are still used.

Natural Born Psychics


Individuals who showed a natural aptitude for healing, guidance and prediction were known as shamans, witchdoctors, high priests and priestesses, herbalists, necromancers, diviners, oracles, prophets, visionaries, and witches. The name ‘psychic’ is widely used as an umbrella term that encompasses all types of readers and healers. Psychics were mostly consulted by royalty, or by people holding a position of official office. Their guidance was highly influential. It wasn’t unusual for a King or Queen to have a personal seer on hand to help them make all kinds of decisions.

Psychics were not always held in high esteem though. The unpredictability of their predictions sometimes meant that they were often singled them out for banishment, punishment or even death.


Timeless Psychic Influence


Throughout the centuries psychic abilities have been used for creative endeavours. Artist Leonardo Da Vinci trusted his natural psychic skills and abilities in relation to astrology, and in revealing his accurate portrayal of future aircraft. French apothecary and seer Michel de Nostredame (more commonly known as Nostradamus) recorded chilling and accurate accounts of future wars. More recently, inventor Igor Sikorsky designed the modern helicopter after being inspired by a dream he had when he was a teenager. Fifty years before his invention, Sikorsky dreamt he was a passenger in a helicopter.


Psychics In The Modern World

Today, psychics and mediums are open about their skills and abilities and available for 24/7 consultation. The huge advancement in modern technology means that you can consult a psychic reader or medium via telephone, email or text. If you prefer the old-fashioned face-to-face consultation, that too is an option. As with many professions, psychics often use a variety of spiritual skills and tools in order to provide the highest level of guidance and insight possible. Modern gifted psychics also keep abreast of trends and fads and update their skills and services accordingly. As a result, many police departments and crime solving agencies are now more accepting of having a psychic on their team.

In the modern world psychics are enjoying a high level of popularity. There are many TV dramas featuring characters with psychic abilities – Medium, Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural – and real life psychics with their own TV shows. Paranormal TV shows like Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted regularly receive high viewing ratings. Movies and books on psychic phenomenon are also everywhere you look.


To tap into your own unique psychic skills and abilities, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.


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